Catholic Workers For Nuclear Abolition at Livermore

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
is the West Coast's premier purveyor of fear-mongering of poison fire, a.k.a. radioactive bombs. See more reasons below for spiritually-minded folks to spend an hour a month here praying for peace. Trinity Nuclear Abolition started in New Mexico to oppose the works of nuclear war committed at Los Alamos. The same kind of regular public witness against nuclear weapons needs to be conducted peacefully at all sites of nuclearism. Catholic Worker Farmers in California have been coming to pray at Livermore's nuclear lab, near the NIF each month since 2013.

September 2017 Vigil @ LLNL
Nagasaki Day @ LLNL

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Catholic Workers consider nuclear weapons development ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM for three reasons--the HAVOC experienced directly by sentient beings at the time of obliteration, the MESSAGE to others beyond the testing site of this terror for humans and others, and the SPIRITUAL IMPACT on the designers, politicians, employees, etc. planning for effective execution of nuclear weaponry, a.k.a. mega-violence.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL), where the monthly vigils occur, was listed on the National Priorities List (AKA the Superfund List) of the most contaminated sites in the country in 1987. The contamination includes toxic poisons and radiation dumped into the air, soil and water. Children born in Livermore were found to have 6 times the expected rate of malignant melanoma. Despite the impression given by LLNL's public relations materials, the Lab's focus continues to be nuclear weapons R&D. Approximately 88% of LLNL's current budget is spent on Nuclear Weapon Activities, about $1 billion annually. Trinity Nuclear Abolitionists believe this playing with poison fire is dangerous, foolish, wasteful and unbecoming of humanity because of the extreme need people have for spiritual fulfillment, peace, education and good health. More than 1600 LLNL employees have filed claims for illnesses caused by on the job exposures, and the number is growing.
LLNL was established in 1952 as one of our nation's two nuclear weapons research and design laboratories, the other being Los Alamos established in 1943, made public in 1945.

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