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24 August 2017
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Perpetual Opposition to Trumplican Control Over Nuclear Weapons

The monthly peace demonstration for justice at Livermore's nuclear weapons institution (LLNL) will be Thursday September 28th for one hour beginning at 3:30 pm. The location at LLNL is at the West Gate on Vasco Rd. This monthly peaceful picket against California's nuclear weapons program is a spiritual attempt to stop further destruction of the environment and human life, currently dreamed-up at LLNL. The demonstrators recognize the danger LLNL poses to civilians near LLNL and beyond due to the potential use of weapons designed at LLNL. The September public demonstration is in opposition to nuclearism is on the anniversary of several nuclear explosions detonated by the US, as facilitated by LLNL. The prayer-activists chose this date, as it is the anniversary date of two nuclear bomb explosions in 1957 and 1958, code-named Charleston and Mars respectively. Organizers say this vigil is a "work of mercy" to put an end to all pro-nuclear weapons work globally.

Marcus Page-Collonge, a Catholic Worker said, "We come to Livermore because L-L-N-L is a spiritual problem, requiring a spiritual solution. Livermore's mega-violence is real and permeates the rest of our society." Page-Collonge went on to explain that the prayers are in favor of ending "...ongoing work for planetary destruction. It's time to stop the spiritual terror and environmental threat here." These monthly vigils for the past four years at LLNL aim for the peaceful end of LLNL's plutonium experiments within the National Ignition Facility (NIF).

The international Catholic Worker movement has consistently stood in opposition to nuclearism since the late 1940s. LLNL is the greatest purveyor of "nuclear weapons terrorism in California", according to Catholic Workers in Calaveras County, CA.


Carl, Xels & Pegasus vigil in February 2017

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