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6 January
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Livermore Employees Have An Epiphany On Epiphany

Special vigil for peace at the Livermore Nuclear Laboratory.

PHOTO BY BARRY BINKS (Veteran For Peace)

Catholic Worker Farmers returned to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to picket and hold a vigil as part of the Christian observance of the final day of Christmas (following the 12th Day is Epiphany, or 3-Kings Day). These farmers from Calaveras County, CA and their friends intended to distribute fliers, but three people were detained by LLNL Security while simply exercising free speech. Rather than completely arresting and booking the nuclear abolitionists, LLNL voluntarily blocked the entrance from employee access and Alameda County Sheriffs helped the peace activists continue to distribute fliers in the street, instead of the relatively safer East Gate entrance to LLNL. The Catholic Workers were unable to distribute more than a dozen fliers to the hundreds of vehicular passers-by. The next monthly vigil will be February 27th at 7am.

Today's Epiphany vigil supported the idea of a paid holiday for employees of LLNL, akin to other Holidays like Christmas. The peaceful prayer-activists were praying for a holiday of Justice and Peace whereby nobody would go to work on the National Ignition Facility near the East Gate entrance to LLNL on Greenville Road. Chelsea Collonge, Fr. Louis Vitale, and Marcus Page-Collonge were all detained by LLNL Security and County police while trying to communicate the urgent message to stop the NIF's nuclear play with plutonium. All three were eventually pushed outside of the secondary gate closed by LLNL by 7:45 AM. LLNL kept the entrance closed from 7:30 until at least 8:15 AM when they allowed demonstrators to drive their cars away from the temporarily-locked parking lot. LLNL is actively ramping up the potential destructive force of the National Ignition Facility (NIF).

Catholic Workers hope LLNL workers will work for social, environmental and economic justice in opposition to the violence and spiritual terrorism which are central to LLNL's mission. The NIF is particularly offensive to abolitionists, as a significant weapons development tool, because LLNL is now ready to throw in the towel on their alleged hope for the "peaceful atom".

Prayer-activists at LLNL hold monthly vigils, with the aim for the peaceful end of LLNL's unlawful pursuits within the NIF, and any other pro-nuclear weapons work at LLNL. The recent push at LLNL to be extra-sloppy and use plutonium (Pu) is terribly problematic from an environmental and social justice standpoint. Marcus Page-Collonge of the Catholic Worker Farm said, "It's clear now, this month, that LLNL recognizes the fallacy of pursuing nuclear fusion via NIF, because they are fast-tracking the messier use of plutonium in NIF, as opposed to the past billions of dollars wasted on less-fissile material. Both nuclear fusion and fission are offensive to humane, natural processes of life on earth, and the Lab certainly is fighting for more waste, which robs resources from the poor folks of earth needing clean water, good housing, and decent food. All of LLNL's work is in opposition to the Prince of Peace who's birth and goodness we celebrate today. And we hope employees are able to take time to learn more about the immorality of NIF, so as to use their consciences to do better works of mercy with their time, to cease the works of nuclear war here!"

Catholic Workers who hold these prayer-actions at LLNL are explicitly nuclear abolitionist, in that they desire ALL countries and all peoples to disarm their hearts from addiction to mega-violent tactics of "keeping the peace".

California's Catholic Worker Farm is regionally located between LLNL and the NNSS (Nevada's nuclear testing grounds), so the farmers organize monthly vigils for environmental justice and love for enemies in Livermore, CA, a place which actively threatens the environment of Nevada and other earthly locations. The international Catholic Worker movement has consistently stood in opposition to nuclearism since that -ism was formulated in 1945 and 1946. LLNL is apparently the greatest purveyor of "nuclear weapons terrorism in California", according to Catholic Workers in Calaveras County, CA.


PHOTO BY BARRY BINKS (Veteran For Peace)
Special vigil for peace at the Livermore Nuclear Laboratory.

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