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15 May 2015
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Gardeners Say "Stop Nuclear Violence"
on the anniversary of 9 nuclear explosions

Catholic Workers from Calaveras County were at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) for the monthly picket for peace and justice this morning. This is a practice of ongoing spiritual work to stop pro-nuclear weapons work at LLNL. The two picketers today came from a Catholic Worker Farm to request that employees of LLNL will stop contributing to pain, destruction, and nuclear violence. They continue the work of California's Quakers who held a meeting at the same location a few days ago (Mothers Day) and the Catholic Workers will hold the next monthly vigil on June 12th at 7:00 am at the same East Gate entrance of LLNL on Greenville Rd.

Today's demonstration commemorates the US nuclear bombing of other parts of the planet May 15th--a total of nine nuclear detonations code-named Zucchini, Palisade-1, Palisade-2, Palisade-3, Minnow, Double Tracks, Cornice-Yellow, Cornice-Green, and Aliment. Those nuclear bombs were detonated between 1955 and 1989 in Nevada, primarily against the Western Shoshone people and other folks downwind in Utah. This year is the 70th anniversary of the first three nuclear bombs being used against New Mexico and Japan (during World War II).

Catholic Workers in California recognize that the environmental injustice of LLNL is a problem affecting farmers and many other kinds of laborers far from and near to Livermore. The peace activists of one of California's Catholic Worker Farms (111 miles from Livermore) hope LLNL workers will work for social, environmental and economic justice in opposition to the violence and spiritual terrorism which are central to LLNL's mission. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) is particularly offensive to abolitionists, as a significant weapons development tool, because LLNL is now ready to throw in the towel on their alleged hope for the "peaceful atom". Catholic Workers who hold these prayer-actions at LLNL are explicitly nuclear abolitionist, in that they desire ALL countries and all peoples to disarm their hearts from addiction to mega-violent tactics of "keeping the peace".

California's Catholic Worker Farm is regionally located between LLNL and the NNSS (Nevada's nuclear testing grounds), so the farmers organize monthly vigils for environmental justice and love for enemies in Livermore, CA, a place which actively threatens the environment of Nevada and other earthly locations. The international Catholic Worker movement has consistently stood in opposition to nuclearism since that -ism was formulated in 1945 and 1946. LLNL is apparently the greatest purveyor of "nuclear weapons terrorism in California", according to Catholic Worker Farmers in Calaveras County, CA.


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