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17 October 2016
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Farmers From Calaveras County Seek Justice at Nuclear Lab

Catholic Worker Farmers and friends will hold their monthly demonstration for justice at Livermore's nuclear weapons institution (LLNL) at the main gate on Vasco Rd on Friday October 21st from 7:30am until 8:30am. (Formerly scheduled for Thursday afternoon.) This monthly picket against California's nuclear weapons program is a spiritual effort in anticipation of the complete abolition of nuclear weapons.

"The nuclear bomb explosions conducted by the USA on October 20th and 22nd were part of the US's efforts to control the greatest power of destruction and death on earth," said to Marcus Page-Collonge, one of the farmers coming to Livermore for the Friday demonstration. Those test names of nuclear bombs detonated in 1951, 1958, 1962, 1964 are detailed below. All of the Catholic Worker vigils at LLNL aim for the peaceful end of LLNL's plutonium experiments within the National Ignition Facility (NIF).

California's Catholic Worker Farm is regionally located between LLNL and the NNSS (Nevada's nuclear testing grounds), so the farmers organize monthly vigils for environmental justice and love for enemies in Livermore, CA, site of the lab which actively threatens the environment of Nevada and other earthly locations.

San Juan, Checkmate, Oberon, Rushmore, Salmon, Soccoro, Able and Wrangell are the the names of the nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by the USA on this date in history. The international Catholic Worker movement has consistently stood in opposition to nuclearism since the late 1940s. LLNL is the greatest purveyor of "nuclear weapons terrorism in California", according to Catholic Workers in Calaveras County, CA.


Marylia Kelley and Chelsea Page demonstrating for peace and justice @ the East Gate of LLNL.
On the International Day for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, (Sept. 26),
two demonstrators hold signs indicating their opposition to the National Ignition Facility at LLNL
and their hope to eliminate all WMDs, starting with the leadership of Livermore.

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